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Journal of Social History
All the Progress to Be Made Will Be Made by Maladjusted Negroes: Mae Mallory, Black Women’s Activism, and the Making of the Black Radical Tradition
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Palimpsest: A Journal on Women, Gender, and the Black International
Somebody Has to Pay: Audley Moore and the Modern Reparations Movement
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Modern American History
In Search Of The Black Women’s History Archive
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Women, Gender, and Families of Color
Mothers Of Pan-Africanism: Audley Moore And Dara Abubakari
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Journal of African American History
Reframing African American Women’s Grassroots Organizing
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The Black Scholar
Muriel Snowden, Freedom House, and The Freedom,
Roxbury, MA
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Black Diaspora Review
Renegotiating The ‘African Woman’
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